LightPDF: The Best Online Editing Tools

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Have you ever been faced with the need to edit a PDF file and didn’t know where to start or only found paid programs? Well, online editors were created to solve this problem. Through them, you can edit, convert, and compress, among many other possibilities. In this article, we are going to talk about LightPDF editor and show you the best online editing tools.

What is a PDF editing platform for?

PDF is the abbreviation of “Portable Document Format”. In free translation, they would be documents in a portable format, which can be opened by any hardware or operating system from a specific reader. Despite this, it is important to highlight that the PDF is a specific file model for reading. This protects the integrity of the file’s contents but also makes changes more difficult.

There are several programs that specialize in editing PDFs, but most require a paid license to use all the tools. LightPDF is an online program for editing PDFs and other file templates. It provides 23 tools that allow you to make the desired changes in a practical and free way. Next, we’ll show you how the program works which will give you access to the best online editing tools.

Advantages of LightPDF

With LightPDF, you have access to more than 20 tools that will optimize your work. In addition to editions, the program lets you convert, merge, compress, and generate a digital signature, among other features.

Another differential of the program is the use of OCR tools, which make an optical recognition of characters. Through this function, you can convert scanned documents into editable data.

The site delivers fast and stable navigation, and also guarantees the privacy of file content, as it does not back up or view documents.

LightPDF also turns files into documents that can be edited simultaneously by multiple users anywhere in the world. This is yet another advantage that optimizes production and favors teamwork through the best online editing tools.

LightPDF: File Editing Tools

The platform is very intuitive and offers many editing tools. Next, we will show the advantages of each one of them.

PDF conversion

In this option, the user can convert a PDF into an editable file in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or TXT templates. The platform also offers image options in PNG, JPG, or CAD models.

In addition, LightPDF also does the reverse conversion, turning documents in any of these versions into PDF files.



This tool allows you to make changes to your PDF. To do this, just upload the desired document and make the necessary changes.


Through the tab, it is possible to mark the text in different colors and create text boxes to add information.

Editing tools LightPDF: The Best Online Editing Tools

The platform also offers the possibility to upload an image directly from your device or insert a stamp in case you need to give a visa or show that the work has been approved. The “Stamp” tool has some stamps already suggested in English by the platform, but you can also customize your stamp with the text in the desired language by clicking on “Custom Stamp“.

Custom Stamp

In the upper left corner of the screen, there are more organization options in which the user can see a preview of the pages in the file, the tags, and the comments made.

preview LightPDF: The Best Online Editing Tools


Another possibility is to insert a text or watermark on all pages of the document. When you click on the tool, the platform will ask you to upload the desired file. Afterward, you will be directed to the customization tab for your watermark, which can be in text or image.

If you want a text watermark, just type the word or phrase you want, and choose the font size, the percentage of opacity, and the position of the mark. To insert a logo or other design in the watermark, just select the “Image” option, load the desired file, and make the size and opacity adjustments.

Finally, click Watermarked PDF and download your file.


PDF split

With this option, you can select only the desired pages of a document and create a new file with the important parts of your work. After uploading the file, select the pages you intend to save or enter the desired page range.

PDF split LightPDF: The Best Online Editing Tools

Finally, just click on the “Split PDF” option to download the pages in files. If you want all pages in a single file, select the “Merge pages into 1 file” option.

Choose the options to split your pdf LightPDF: The Best Online Editing Tools

File merge

In the merge tab, it is possible to load several files and unite them into a single PDF to facilitate the organization of texts. To do this, just select the files and click “Convert“.

merge pdf LightPDF: The Best Online Editing Tools

Rotate PDF

The function of this resource is to rotate one or all pages of the file to position them correctly. It is a very useful function for files that are scanned and end up with a different position from the original, but the user can also use it to generate other effects.

rotate pdf LightPDF: The Best Online Editing Tools

PDF annotate

This tool is very similar to the editing tool but offers more possibilities such as making freehand editing or including arrows and other elements in the text.

pdf annotation LightPDF: The Best Online Editing Tools

Compress PDF

PDF compression offers many advantages because it makes it possible to reduce the size of the PDF while still preserving its quality. This optimizes your device’s storage so you can have even more space for other files and programs. Additionally, compression makes it easy to send PDFs via email or other ways that don’t hold the full file size.



The word OCR is an acronym for the expression “Optical Character Recognition“. This tool transforms text contained in images into editable files so that the user can make changes.

Protect PDF

This feature increases the file’s security by creating an encrypted PDF that can only be opened by using the defined password. To perform this action, upload the file, type in the desired password, and then click Protect PDF“.

protect pdf LightPDF: The Best Online Editing Tools

Unlock PDF

This tool does the opposite of the previous feature as it unlocks the protected PDF so that you can access it without difficulty. Just upload the encrypted file and click “Unlock PDF“.

unlock pdf LightPDF: The Best Online Editing Tools


With just one click, the tool inserts your handwritten signature into the document. To do so, simply upload the PDF to the platform and you will be offered three possibilities: “Draw signature“, “Upload image” or “Certificate“.

sign LightPDF: The Best Online Editing Tools

In the “Draw signature” option, the user can create their signature on the fly with the help of the mouse or the device’s cursor.

In the “Upload image” option, you will look for a file that contains your signature to insert into the desired PDF.

In the “Certificate” option, you can import your signature from an official document. However, it is important to point out that this tool is only available in the desktop version of LightPDF.

More of the best online editing tools that LightPDF offers

In addition to the 100% online and free editing tools, LightPDF has a downloadable version available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, or Android.

All functions described in this article can be used for free, but there are also paid subscription options that include more features and unlimited downloads of edited PDFs. Signatures are ideal for anyone who works on a large scale with this file model and needs to use many of these tools on a daily basis.

In case this is not your reality, the free version of LightPDF is very complete and has more tools than most online editors. The platform is super fast and intuitive, and has an instruction manual, as well as a blog that shows all the tabs and news on the site.

For those who have more specific questions or doubts, there is also a chat to initiate communication with support in real time. Surely the possibilities of this platform will surprise you!

Did you enjoy getting to know LightPDF and the best online editing tools?

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