Carousel, Image or Video: Which Format Has the Most Engagement on Instagram?
Carousel, Image or Video: Which Format Has the Most Engagement on Instagram?
Carousel, Image or Video: Which Format Has the Most Engagement on Instagram?

Carousel, Image or Video: Which Format Has the Most Engagement on Instagram?

Finding the format with the most engagement on Instagram has been a constant search, especially for those who use it as a tool to promote their brand or services.

There is no denying that despite the emergence of new social networks, Instagram remains the platform preferred by the vast majority of users.

Who doesn’t want to have their brand in the best strategic point of this “display” so well located and with a gigantic reach of visibility, right?

The point is that Instagram has been bringing evolutions, and this is very good since they are innovations that bring even more forms of engagement.

However, the changes have caused difficulty and even confusion for some users of the platform when deciding what to post, because they don’t know anymore which format has the most engagement on Instagram.

After all, when it comes to engagement, what’s the best option?

Before answering this question, it is worth remembering the importance of the subject for your brand, since we are talking about the largest social network focused on visual content, and being present in it will greatly increase the credibility of your image or company.

Through Instagram, you can generate much more interaction and proximity to your audience.

If your content is relevant enough to generate shares, comments or even saves, your brand will be known and recognized, making you or your brand reach a level of authority in your segment, and all this is possible when you find the format with the most engagement on Instagram, between you and your audience.

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Likes format most engament on instagram

Como Aumentar o Engajamento

Some Instagram users are very concerned about increasing the number of followers, because they believe that the more followers, the more engagement. However, you can actually have a lot of followers and only a small percentage engage with your content.

Therefore, it is important to say that Instagram algorithms take much more into account the engagement of your profile when increasing your reach, than the number of followers.

Your care should therefore be focused on the number of likes, comments, saves, and shares because this means that your audience likes your content and that your profile is relevant and thus gains more reach.

Through this marketing concept, it is possible to measure the degree of participation, proximity, and trust in the relationship between your brand and your audience.

Therefore, the greater the engagement, the more a sign of a close and reliable relationship between your brand and your audience, which generates growth and success, but not only that, it also generates more conversions in sales of your products or services.

Not by chance, people have increasingly sought to reach high engagement metrics on Instagram. The possibilities of strategies to achieve these metrics are diverse.

Content production is one of them and in this article, we are going to see the formats with a high probability of greater engagement.

Most Engaged Post Format on Instagram

Reactions format most engament on instagram

Check now the Instagram post formats that, if aligned with strategic content for your target audience, can boost your feed engagement, expanding your digital reach and sales.


It’s that format with more than one image, which people drag to the side to see the next one.

Statistical analyses, conducted through samples of 102 million posts on the platform, point out that this format is one of the darlings of Instagram users, having the highest average engagement rate of all types of feed posts. So, in short, this is the format with the most engagement on Instagram right now.

To those who don’t know why, I answer: because it generates curiosity in the audience. Not to mention that it is a format in which the Instagram algorithm itself delivers more.

Particularly because people spend more time viewing carousel content than a single image. This makes the algorithm identify that your content is relevant, is being consumed, and not just passing through the feed, thus understanding that more people may be interested.

Then the delivery increases.

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Here are some tips for you to be more creative with your carousel posts and increase your engagement.

1. Using User Generated Content (UGC) is an effective strategy to expand your brand, promote your products or services and increase engagement. People will enjoy being featured and recognized in your feed and you’ll earn big on shares.

2. Use Photo Dump as an opportunity to showcase a less edited version of yourself and your brand. Photo dumps are great for recapping events or showing a behind-the-scenes diary.

And by the way…

3. Share parts of your everyday life with your audience.

  • Show how you launch a new product
  • Open a new campaign build
  • Share a day in your routine

This will bring the audience closer to you, making them want to spend more time connected with your profile.

Never forget: you are communicating with people. Humanizing is one of the basic rules for engaging.


It’s that static post format.

Also through analysis, it is possible to see that this format has a slightly higher average engagement rate than posts in Video format.


In the period between 2021 and 2022, this format had a drop in the average engagement rate, getting 16% less compared to posts in image format.
One fact is that average engagement rates have dropped for all post formats.

However, carousel posts consistently maintained the highest average engagement rates when compared to other types of feed posts.

But Why Engagement Rate Decreased For Feed Posts


Instagram has made it clear that Reels are a priority for the app for now, and as a result, other types of posts have had low delivery rates, until further notice.

However, with an assertive strategy and well-targeted content you can achieve great results!

Changes are always welcome. They signal that it’s time to turn the tables and that the time is perfect to test and try new experiences on your profile.

Recent research shows that 50% of Brazilians use Instagram to search for new products and services. Consider that the time spent is an indicator of the Instagram algorithm.

So don’t ignore any format, just get to know your audience, test what types of posts they have more interactivity with, and what content they are really interested in.

Open a question box, and submit a survey form to find out who they are and what they want to learn or see on your profile.

The vast majority of the population consumes content on social networks, regardless of the moment: for work or leisure.

Use and abuse the possibilities you have in your hands through Instagram…

Instagram offers a wealth of tool updates, features, and trends for you to make the most of, connect with your audience and increase engagement.

Storytelling through this content format, you bring more humanized stories and this brings more connection between you and your audience.

Step by step is the type of communication that teaches something and that usually generates a lot of saves, as it is content that the person will want to see again before applying.

Thus, it will be easy for you to have your audience’s attention for much longer and bring the expected engagement to your profile.

Did you discover the best format with the most engagement on Instagram?

If this content helped you, take the opportunity to share and help other people too.

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