Mac remote access: the 8 best apps for the job!
Mac remote access: the 8 best apps for the job!
Mac remote access: the 8 best apps for the job!

Mac remote access: the 8 best apps for the job!

A lot of people are familiar with remote access programs and apps to use on Windows PCs, but Mac users also have their fair share of options, even if many aren’t that well known. This can be a small problem when choosing the best Mac remote access program for your needs, but it’s easy to fix. After all, it’s just a matter of familiarizing yourself with the main alternatives and seeing which one fits the you best!

If you’re curious to know what the best Mac remote access software option for you is, just check out our top suggestions. They can be read in detail down below!

1. LogMeIn

Mac remote access logmein

Our first recommendation is LogMeIn, which is considered as one of the main options for having Mac remote access, so it’s an easy pick for the top of the list. It is a very diverse application in its features, having interesting options available for every type of use, whether its something personal or professional.

The good thing is that the software is pretty simple to learn to use, which is great for people who’ve never used a remote access app before. The software’s paid plans include the use of an unlimited number of users, 1TB of storage for sharing files, and much more.

If you are interested, you can find out more about the software at this link.

2. Zoho Assist

Another Mac remote access program you can’t miss is Zoho Assist. It is also fairly well-known and used in certain companies, especially those that provide customer support, for example.

The interesting part is that it is very simple to learn, it has a fast and stable connection and can be used entirely for free forever. Of course, this free version tends to be more limited in features, but there’s a paid plan that’s pretty cheap if you need something else.

If you liked what you saw, you can check it out even more by going to the official website.

3. Splashtop

Our next suggestion is Splashtop, a much friendlier app to use for people who need a Mac remote access program for everyday use. It is widely used by those who need a quick and easy connection between devices, even if it is simply to stream for a little while, for example.

Also, because it can broadcast video, audio and programs with 3D graphics very well, it is used by those who want to play their favorite gaming titles on an Android and iOS smartphone or tablet.

For those who found the concept interesting, just check out this link.

4. Jump Desktop

Jump Desktop is another interesting option for anyone who wants a Mac remote access program. This software is specifically made to facilitate connections between different devices, all of that with a client dedicated to Apple computers.

The cool thing is that this program can simply use your Gmail account to do all the settings for your account and remote connection. This in itself makes the use much easier, after all, you practically don’t have to do much by yourself.

To check out even more, check out the ling right here!

5. RemotePC

Mac remote access

Our next tip is RemotePC, which can be used with ease on your Windows or Mac. The cool thing is that regardless of your operating system, you can connect to other types of systems and even mobile devices easily with this software.

Another positive point is that the plans offered are also very reasonable. Other than that, those who already have a subscription with another software can switch to RemotePC with up to 50% discount on the first year of use.

To find out more, you just need to click the link!

6. GoToMyPC

Another Mac remote access program that we could not fail to recommend is GoToMyPC, which belongs to LogMeIn that we discussed earlier. It is widely used by companies that have employees in their home office, but it can also be used in person without any problems.

The best part is that this tool even has an app for iOS devices, so you can easily connect your Mac to an iPhone or iPad. The only bad part is that the software can be a higher price, so it’s good to take that into account.

Find out more by checking the link.

7. NoMachine

Among the options on our list, NoMachine is not one of the most well-known. Still, it provides a lot of cool features and even has a free version that you can check out.

Perhaps its biggest highlight is that there is the option to connect to another device without having to have an active internet connection. Just use the IP address and port number of the computer you want to connect to.

To check and learn even more, just click on the link!

8. TeamViewer

Mac remote access teamviewer

Finally, we also couldn’t fail to mention TeamViewer, which has been one of the best known Mac remote access programs for years. For those looking for a free, reliable and easy-to-use tool to connect different devices, this is a good bet.

Of course, for companies, it would be much more interesting to take a look at the professional version. After all, it has specialized features for business use that you won’t find in the free option.

Check out more at the link!

How’d you like these Mac remote access programs?

Was this list any helpful to you? Did we miss out on any programs that you used in the past? Well, do tell us down below, in the comments!

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