Feel like a god of war with these 15 strategy games for iPhone

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Sun Tzu already said in his iconic book The Art of War that strategy is the main element to making war, allowing you to win battles before they even happen. Of course, winning without battles isn’t exactly much fun if we’re talking about wars in electronic games. Set in different eras, universes and even without being about wars, we’ve compiled a list of the best strategy games for iPhone. Choose your favorite app below and don’t forget to let us know what you think!

1. Great Little War Game 2

For those who like strategy games for iPhones but aren’t big fans of blood and guts dripping everywhere, this game can be a good option. Also, in turn, you must fulfill the missions that the title provides, commanding small soldiers with a cartoon look. Know more about Great Little War Game 2.

2. Plague Inc.

This title is one of the most creative but also one of the most bizarre on this list. Rather than commanding soldiers or developing communities, in Plague Inc., you are behind a new disease and you must infect – and kill – the entire planet. But humanity will fight back, developing cures and treatments. Click the link to download Plague Inc.

3. Fallout Shelter

One of the games that doesn’t focus as much on wars, the award-winning mobile game from 2015 remains an excellent choice. In charge of an underground community that lives in a world destroyed by a nuclear war, you must keep the shelter running, while developing the place. Download Fallout Shelter from the link.

strategy games for iphone fallout

4. First Strike

With a theme similar to that of Fallout Shelter, First Strike takes place before the apocalypse, as it puts you in charge of a nation in the middle of a nuclear race. The challenge here is to gather resources to assemble your own arsenal of attack and defense, and then decide whether to be the first or the last to put the weapon of mass destruction into action. Learn more about First Strike at this link.

5. Anomaly 2

One of the best graphics among iPhone strategy games, this title is a mix of the tower defense and tower offense genres. In other words, there will be missions in which you must build defense structures and stop enemies, and in others… you are the horde of opponents that must destroy the opponent. Learn more about Anomaly 2.

6. Eufloria

Unlike the war environments of most of the items on this list, Eufloria is an abstract game in which you’ll have to plan how to germinate new life forms on a planet. Although at first, you are alone, soon other beings will start doing the same in the 25 missions of the single-player campaign. Meet Eufloria.

7. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Already considered a classic among iPhone strategy games, Plants vs. Zombies 2 puts you in charge of super-powered plants. With their powers, players must position them in a way that protects backyards throughout the story from the zombie invasion. Click the link to download Plants vs. Zombies 2.

8. Rymdkapsel

The oddly named game follows a similar line to Eufloria. But instead of creating new lives, you will have to command the construction of a grandiose space station. But, even without enemies, the mission is not easy: balance is necessary so as not to lose everything. Rymdkapsel is available on App Store.

9. Kingdom Rush Frontiers

One of the most popular strategy games for iPhone, this game is considered one of the best tower defense mobile games. The title takes place in a cartoonish medieval fantasy world, where players must defend the kingdom from evil forces. Its frenetic pace and massive content can keep you hooked for hours on end. Learn more about Kingdom Rush Frontiers.

10. Civilization Revolution 2

A spin-off of Sid Meier’s Civilization series – exclusively for computers -, this title brings the “simulator of civilizations” to the portable screens of the iPhone. Building a civilization from its cradle, you will have to explore and expand your empire like one of the great leaders of history, like Napoleon Bonaparte or Mahatma Gandhi. Click on the link to learn about Civilization Revolution 2.

11. Templar Battleforce

This is one more example of strategy games for iPhone: In command of a futuristic combat force, you’ll have to assemble your army to fight threats such as alien monsters, space pirates, and an ancient menace. Choose the best soldiers for each situation and embark on turn-based missions. Get up close and personal with the Templar Battleforce.

12. XCOM: Enemy Within

Also with futuristic themes and squad composition, this title puts you at the head of a secret organization that must protect the planet from an alien invasion. Mobile version of the namesake for consoles and computers, XCOM: Enemy Within features turn-based gameplay and global planning. Check out more about it on App Store.

13. Banner Saga

A tale inspired by Viking fables, this game is one of the saddest in the iOS library. In a world where the gods have died and the sun has stopped shining in the sky, you must guide a caravan of refugees in search of a safe place against the invasion of a horde of creatures made of stone. Click on the link to learn more about the exciting Banner Saga.

14. Banner Saga 2

The continuation of the previous game picks up where the first Banner Saga left off. Although it is possible to start playing from it – a quick decision system will define what your group will be like at the beginning of the game -, we recommend that you play it only after finishing the first title since its strength is in the narrative and in the beautiful arts. Meet Banner Saga 2.

15. Warbits

The game that closes this list also follows a more cartoonish style, reducing the level of violence when portraying wars, in addition to having a lot of humor. In it, you must fight across the galaxy… in a war simulator created precisely to avoid them. In addition to a campaign with 20 missions, the game also has multiplayer disputes. Click on the link to learn about Warbits.

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