The 6 best websites to watch anime legally!
The 6 best websites to watch anime legally!
The 6 best websites to watch anime legally!

The 6 best websites to watch anime legally!

A type of video media that’s extremely popular anywhere in the world and whose popularity hasn’t stopped growing everywhere is the amines, the famous Japanese animated cartoons.

There are a lot of websites and apps to watch anime around, most of which let you watch in the best possible video quality. In this article, we will talk about some of the best and most popular places where you can watch anime legally!

1. Amazon Prime Video

Starting off our list, we have Amazon Prime Video, a platform that offers a lot of options for you, including in its catalog animes, movies, TV shows, and even originals! It also has an app that goes with it, so you can easily watch everything on the go.

Here, you’ll find animes such as Dororo, Dororo, Inuyashiki, Re:CREATORS, Shingeki no Kyojin, and Steins;Gate, among many others. As it can be expected, it is a paid service, but given the price, it’s more than a worthwhile purchase for you. And it even has a free trial for you!

If you’re interested in this amazing platform developed by one of the biggest e-commerce websites nowadays, simply follow this link to watch the best anime around!

Amazon Prime Video showing its catalog in a tv screen

2. Netflix

You’ve most likely heard about Netflix, one of the best apps to watch movies and TV shows around. What you might not know about it is that it also offers you a lot of anime, and so it takes a spot among the best websites to watch anime!

The platform offers full support to a myriad of devices, including Android and iOS smartphones. Here, you can also find a lot of very famous anime, including Hellsing Ultimate, Highschool of the Dead, Death Note, and Naruto. Even better, you can download everything you want to watch later offline on what is also one of the best movie download apps!

Unfortunately, this platform doesn’t offer a free version, and as such you will need to pay a relatively cheap price to watch anything you want, and you can choose from several different plans. You can even watch in 4K! To learn more about Netflix, just follow this link to the official website.

3. Crunchyroll

Made specifically for those who want to watch anime, Crunchyroll is probably the best and most well-known websites around for that. It offers you a free version (with ads and lower video quality) without an expiry date, so you’ll be able to keep track of everything on your smartphone or your favorite web browser!

Other than that, there’s also the premium version, with higher video quality and no ads. You can always stay up to date with the latest episodes of your favorite animes, since Crunchyroll offers thousands of episodes in a myriad of styles.

On Crunchyroll, you will find some of the biggest classics, such as Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, and Hunter x Hunter. Yes, even in the free version. If you want to learn more about it, just go to the website, where you can sign up for the premium version where you’ll have access to all episodes in up to 1 hour after they’re broadcast in Japan!

illustration of an anime girl with orange hair in the right with crunchyroll word and logo to the right. Crunchyroll is the best website to watch animes

4. CONtv

Another one of the best websites to watch anime is CONtv, a really wide platform that offers you an immense amount of video content for free. Its only downside is that you will need to deal with ads in the free version, but even so, you can remove them by paying for the premium version.

It offers you a really good selection of animes, as well as movies and nerdy content for you to watch. For instance, you will be able to find No Game No Life and Yu-gi-Oh!, among many others. If you want to see more about this amazing website, just follow this link!

5. Hulu

Another platform that works much like Netflix is Hulu, one that also lets you watch whatever anime you want from a wide selection of classics, including Naruto Shippuden, One Piece e Cowboy Bebop. You can even choose whether you want to watch the dubbed or the subbed version!

This website even offers you the possibility of adding your premium account to its app so that you can increase even more your catalog, so that you can watch whatever you want.

Unfortunately, Hulu offers you only a paid version that has a short free-trial period. If you’re still interested, simply follow this link to the website, where you’ll also be able to download the smartphone apps.

6. Hidive

Another service that fits in amazingly well among the best websites to watch anime is Hidive. Unfortunately, this is yet another platform that doesn’t have a free version, but you can use its 14-day free trial to decide whether or not it is worth it for you.

In this platform, you will have access to a pretty amazing selection of animes, as well as a lot of exclusive content in the service. You can even watch any episode while it is being broadcast on Japanese television! If you’re interested, just follow this link.

blue backgroun with a monkey head illustration and spiral eyes. Hidive written below monkey illustration and the website is one of the best to watch anime

Did you like our selection of the best websites to watch anime?

Let us know in the comments what you think, if we helped you out in enjoying your favorite anime, and even if we forgot your favorite app! Don’t forget to also check out the best anime to watch!

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