Privacy on Android: Key features you need to know
Privacy on Android: Key features you need to know
Privacy on Android: Key features you need to know

Privacy on Android: Key features you need to know

It is essential to worry about the security and privacy of your smartphone, even more so with these devices being used for practically everything in our daily lives. Fortunately, most mobile devices already offer excellent options to bring more peace of mind to the user. Android, for example, offers features that offer good convenience in many ways. To learn about the top features for privacy on Android, just check out our tips below!

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1. Hide notification content

For starters, there is a very interesting feature for privacy on Android, for those who usually receive several notifications on their smartphone: the possibility of hiding their content.

This is especially useful for those who receive messages or emails that they don’t want others to see easily. The option shows that you have notifications from a certain app, but you can’t see the content until you unlock the device.

To activate the option, go to the Android settings, click on “Apps & notifications” and then “Notifications“.

privacy on Android apps and notifications

Then click “On the lock screen” and “Hide sensitive notification content”.

privacy on Android lock screen

Of course, you can undo this option whenever you want, but it’s very good for when you’re out and about.

2. Ads

Another feature that can annoy Android users is personalized ads. Basically, if the option is enabled, Google can use some of your data to offer you ads that it thinks will suit you best.

To turn off this functionality for privacy on Android, go to settings, click on “Google” and select the “Ads” option.

privacy on Android Ads

Then, just click on “Delete Advertising ID”.

3. Screen lock

Finally, for privacy on Android, we recommend that you adjust the time it takes for your smartphone to lock when not in use. This functionality can be most useful outside the home, as a short lock time can be annoying at other times.

To adjust this, go to Android settings and select the “Security & Location” option and click the gear icon next to the “Screen lock” option.

secutiry & location

Now, select the “Automatically lock” option and just choose the time it will take for your Android to be locked.

automatically lock

You can choose between 5 seconds and 50 minutes so that you can select something very personalized.

You can change this setting whenever you need and without any restrictions.

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