POCO M5s – Mobile with AMOLED Screen, loved by Bingewatching- fans: Long Battery Life, Easy to Use and Affordable
POCO M5s – Mobile with AMOLED Screen, loved by Bingewatching- fans: Long Battery Life, Easy to Use and Affordable
POCO M5s – Mobile with AMOLED Screen, loved by Bingewatching- fans: Long Battery Life, Easy to Use and Affordable

POCO M5s – Mobile with AMOLED Screen, loved by Bingewatching- fans: Long Battery Life, Easy to Use and Affordable

Suppose you want a phone with excellent audio and video experience at an affordable price, you can’t miss an upcoming phone with audio and video experience from POCO, a brand with high value for money: the slogan of POCO M5s is “the fun magic is on the way”.

It is important to know your purpose and needs when choosing a smartphone. Faced with complex performance configurations and a dazzling array of phone models, how would you choose?

Is one of these your routine?

You’re a fan of binge-watching series: once you’ve started watching, you can’t easily stop;

You are a loyal user of short videos: you can’t help but swipe to the next videos when watching it;

You are a photography enthusiast who likes to record your daily life.

The POCO M5s’ performance in photography, display, and sound is exciting and worthy of waiting.

So, let’s take a look below.

Magic display

As a binge-watcher, I have pretty high requirements when it comes to the screen display. Fortunately, POCO M5s is equipped with the AMOLED screen I like!


Whether watching movies, TV series, or videos, the display aspect of POCO M5s is excellent, especially the color. Having seen the dull colors of LCD screens, the AMOLED screen is instantly appealing.

There is also an obvious advantage. When shopping online, you will no longer worry about color differences due to screen display issues.

Another reason I like the AMOLED screen is its super high brightness. The POCO M5s display has an excellent maximum brightness of 1,100 nits, which allows you to effortlessly read and navigate clearly even in full sunlight.

Who doesn’t stay up all night among young people? However, while playing games on the phone is fun, your eyes will be uncomfortable. If you want to play games on your smartphone with peace of mind, you should turn on Eye Comfort mode.

Read Mode 3.0 on POCO M5s is very suitable for most e-book lovers. Turning this feature on while reading can easily reduce eyestrain.

As for the AMOLED screen flickering, which many people may worry about, just turn on the DC dimming, so you don’t have to worry about staying up late to watch your TV series.

When watching a movie on a mobile phone in landscape orientation, I don’t know if you have this feeling: I’m always brought to external reality when watching a movie with a single-speaker smartphone, which has a huge volume on one side and almost no sound from the other side, there is no immersive experience!

POCO M5s is equipped with dual top and bottom speakers. When watching movies and TV series in landscape orientation, it can bring you the most realistic and stereo sound effects!

smartphone POCO

Magic Camera

In addition to watching TV series and videos, you need a phone with a great camera if you want to film something yourself.

So we can’t fail to mention the powerful 64MP quad camera system of POCO M5s, but what about the actual capture effect even with good parameters?

Let’s talk about this main camera that I used most often and felt very satisfied with.

When shooting landscapes, the image is clear and detailed; when photographing food, colors are bright to look appealing; even if you shoot at night, you don’t have to worry about ending up with blurry results, and the night scene photos are still clear and bright!

Especially POCO M5s’ high pixel count changed my photography habits!

When the photo taken is not good, you can directly zoom and crop for secondary composition. This is mainly due to the ultra-high pixel, post-zooming, and cropping photo images which are also clear!

Videos are the same. High pixel count can have more detailed image quality performance, which is very suitable for taking Instagram photos or making short videos for Tik Tok.

Since the main camera is already powerful, is the quad camera necessary? Sure!

For example, when shooting landscapes, we often feel like we can’t capture the whole scenery in one shot. At this point, we need to use the POCO M5s’ ultra wide-angle lens.

The vast natural scenery and majestic buildings of the city can be easily captured in a photo with it.

What to do if there are too many people to take a group photo? Switch to the ultra wide-angle lens to easily capture everyone.

As for the macro lens, it opened up a whole new world for me!

The microscopic world that cannot be seen with the naked eye and cannot be photographed by ordinary smartphones can be photographed with a macro lens!

You can use it to capture the details of stamens (parts of a flower) at close range with clear details; you can use it to photograph insects with your kids and become a documentary director. You can also photograph various textures of paper, rugs, and other materials, which is super fun!

Sometimes, when shooting in messy places, or you want to create a photo with a depth of field effect, you can turn on portrait mode.

With the help of the depth sensor, you can easily blur the messy background to give you a photo booth effect. This function can enhance your photography skills when photographing your friends.

Compared to previous models that can only take a picture and scan a code, the advantages of the POCO M5s’ four-camera system are very obvious.

You can take a lot of satisfying pictures with it. In addition, the four cameras with clear division functions can also meet my needs in various scenarios, and the effect is extremely satisfying!

Magic Experience

As a POCO user, I have always been very satisfied with the POCO’s performance and configuration, and there is no exception with the M5s.

After enduring issues like app freezing, frame drops while gaming, and phone overheating, the performance of POCO M5s satisfies me!

POCO M5s is equipped with MediaTek Helio G95 chip, which brings you a very smooth and stable experience in daily use, and the device is not easily overheated.

While the overall performance isn’t as smooth as the flagship products, it focuses on “stable performance”, even playing some mainstream games.

There’s no pressure to run multitasking apps. It’s okay to switch frequently if you open multiple apps at the same time on your mobile. In addition, the speed of file transfer and application installation is also fast, and worry-free to use.

As a person afraid of running low on battery, every time I go shopping, work or travel, I suffer from running out of battery on my phone.

POCO M5s has a large 5000mAh battery that is worry-free.

No need to worry about forgetting to bring the charger. You can use it for a whole day.

You don’t even need to charge it every day if you don’t use it often. You can easily say goodbye to battery anxiety with POCO M5s.

The lightest phone from the POCO brand

Even with a big 5000mAh battery and a series of power configurations, the weight of the POCO M5s is still under 178.8g and it becomes POCO’s lightest phone.

POCO M5s is portable to carry in your pocket and stress-free to hold with one hand; if you hold it for a long time to play games or watch movies, its weight won’t bring you that obvious discomfort.

In short, as a mid-range phone with a focus on audio and video, POCO M5s can do its job very well.

A high-quality AMOLED screen with a 64MP quad camera system, it has excellent performance in audiovisual and image & video creation.

As for the price, the price of a mobile equipped with the same configuration on the market is basically above 200 euros. Considering that POCO has always been known for its value for money, the price of the M5s might surprise us!

Finally, if you want to know more about POCO M5s highlights, you can also follow the official POCO Twitter account.

Did you enjoy meeting the new POCO M5s?

This new phone with excellent audio and video performance will be released at 8:00 pm, September 5, 2022 (BJT Time ) at a launch conference. More surprises will also be announced at the conference.

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