How to mirror Android screen to another smartphone

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Do you know that is possible to mirror an Android screen to another smartphone? There are many ways to mirror an Android screen on a computer or on a television, but sometimes what you really need is to share the content seen on your smartphone on the screen of another phone. Although it seems like something difficult to do, there is a very useful application that helps us to carry out this procedure. To learn how to do this, just check out our detailed tips below!

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How to mirror Android screen

First of all, it will obviously be necessary to download the application that makes it possible to Mirror the Android Screen. ScreenMeet is free and can be found through this link. A very positive point is that only the person who wants to share their screen needs this app installed on their smartphone, which makes it easier to use.

Once installation is complete, open the app and create your account to start using it. If you prefer, you can sign in with your Google account as well.
mirror Android screen Screen meet

The app will show the notice that you can use it normally for 10 different times, requiring a subscription later, either monthly or for a single day.

Soon after, you will see a link on the screen. You can share this link with your friends and acquaintances so that they can access it and see what happens on your smartphone screen.
mirror Android screen Screen meet start

Your device’s screen sharing will begin as soon as you click “Start“, possibly having to click “Start Now” to confirm the task.

screen meet tutorial

That’s it, the other person just needs to access the link we mentioned earlier in a browser app on their smartphone to see their screen being mirrored there.

Of course, you can stop screen sharing at any time from your own smartphone, and even with the link in hand, the other person will no longer have access to your screen. It is also worth mentioning that although the screen is being shared on other smartphones, no one will have control over your device with this link, only the view of it.

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