Fighting on the loose: 10 best fighting games for Android

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Are you looking for the best fighting games for Android?

Fighting games have been a sensation since the arrival of the iconic Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat in the 1990s. Both games receive new editions and characters to this day. And both have also become fighting games for Android!

But, as with video games and arcades, they are not the only games in the genre, just the most famous. If you enjoyed the arcade era and today you want to play this type of game on your phone again, you are certainly well served.

Although games to teach children literacy or math are welcome, mainly due to the lack of graphic violence when it comes to stress relief, fighting games fulfill their role well.

Google Play contains a huge variety of fighting games for Android, with the most different themes. Games with superheroes, ninjas, robots, and street fighters are present on this list and, as in the bygone era, exchanging blows and spells!

Best of all, if you find it difficult to be agile using the touchscreen controls, you can definitely get to know these lightweight Android emulators for PC, install them and try your luck with your keyboard and mouse!

Are you looking for games of the genre? So see below which are the best fighting games for Android!

1. Marvel: Tournament of Champions

Marvel movies have already done us the favor of showing epic clashes between the greatest superheroes in their cinematic universe. But the lack of some, like the mutants of the X-Men, Daredevil from the Netflix series, or the Fantastic Four, is felt.

Marvel Contest of Champions does not have the same legal barriers for the participation of the heroes and villains of these teams. In addition, it allows us to see conflicts that have not yet appeared in theaters.

Would you like to see if Captain America beats Daredevil in combat? Or how about a cosmic clash of superpowers between Captain Marvel and the Silver Surfer?

Find out by downloading Marvel: Contest of Champions by clicking on the link!

best fighting games for android

2. Mortal Kombat

Previously called Mortal Kombat X, the game dropped the X from the name with the arrival of Mortal Kombat 11 on consoles. Along with the launch, there were also new characters from the current edition and versions of the kombatants that already existed in the franchise.

With a fighting scheme that puts teams of 3 to duel, the mechanics are less fluid than in the previous game. On the other hand, being close allows you to be quite aggressive in fights.

In addition, there is no way not to count Fatality, the franchise’s trademark, as a great advantage. Click the link to download Mortal Kombat!

3. EA Sports UFC

If you prefer something with a more realistic feel, perhaps EA Sports UFC is the most suitable for you among the best fighting games for Android. By bringing together the stars that compete in the different categories of the UFC, you can create your ideal fight.

The game brings tournaments to participate in and allows you to fight against other players. The highlights are the realistic graphics and the selection of fighters, which has up to 70 characters.

See more about EA Sports UFC by clicking the link.

4. Real Boxing 2 Rocky

Another game with a more realistic footprint, Real Boxing 2 Rocky brings the iconic character of Sylvester Stallone to help you climb the boxing career. It is worth noting that other opponents of the protagonist of the eponymous film are also present, such as Ivan Drago and Apollo Creed.

Real Boxing 2 Rocky lets you fight other players online and lets you customize your fighting style. You’ll learn about the different types of punches and techniques to fight opponents and bosses in the game.

Download Real Boxing 2 Rocky on Android by going to the link.

best fighting games for android

5. Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

After years as the king of international fighting games, Street Fighter IV has arrived on mobile devices. Street Fighter IV Champion Edition adapts the iconic title to the mobile screen but keeps the graphics as close as possible to the original versions.

Fighting with Ken, Ryu, Cammy, Blanka, and more than 28 other characters from the series – totaling 32 -, you can play through Arcade modes or online multiplayer. You can play this version via the touch screen or using Android controllers.

Click the link to download Street Fighter IV Champion Edition on your mobile!

6. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Reminiscent of Marvel: Contest of Champions, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is designed to take our nostalgia to new heights. Containing Rangers from classic and current series, along with iconic villains, you’ll be able to choose your favorite hero and fight through the scenarios of the series inspired by Japanese Sentai.

Best of all, there are also fights between Megazords and giant monsters!

In the game, you can compete with other players and form alliances to defeat the challenges of the game, available on Google Play and one of the best fighting games for Android.

7. Injustice 2

Another game that has a mobile version and another for consoles and computers, Injustice 2 is perfect for those who prefer DC heroes such as Superman, Flash, and Wonder Woman.

Injustice 2

Following a similar scheme to Mortal Kombat – both games were made by the same developer -, you can build trios of heroes with customizable clothes. With them, it is possible to face the fights of the game’s plot, and temporary events and compete with other players in online matches.

Learn more about the game by downloading it through the link.

8. Gods of Rome

If you like Greco-Roman mythology, Gods of Rome could become one of the best fighting games for Android. Bringing in the divine pantheon of these mythologies, you can put them to fight for no reason, just like they do in mythology books.

Best of all, over time, the game was not limited to these gods and heroes, bringing elements from other mythological tales, such as the Chinese or Egyptians.

Learn more about Gods of Rome by accessing the link.

9. Shadow Fight 3

After two installments featuring shadow fights, Shadow Fight 3 has finally brought its fighters to light. With lots of details and good graphics, you’ll be able to use different types of medieval warriors for disputes.

Samurai, ninjas, vikings, and several other types can be selected to face the matches. The game features several character customization options, whether in clothing and armor or in the fighting style itself.

Click the link to download Shadow Fight 3 on your Android.

Shadow Fight 3

10. Kung Fu Do Fighting

Closing the list of the best fighting games for Android, we have Kung Fu Do Fighting. Inspired by the classic 2D fighting games of the 90s, there’s no shortage of anime-style characters and magical and special moves.

The game features an arcade mode for a player, which fights with a series of random enemies until you reach the boss. The second mode is “Survival”, in which you fight enemies until your life bar runs out, improving your score according to the number of rivals you manage to defeat.

Go to Google Play to download Kung Fu Do Fighting!

What are the best fighting games for Android?

Have you started downloading and testing the games from our list of the best fighting games for Android? Which one is the best, in your opinion?

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