The 10 best business card makers around!
The 10 best business card makers around!
The 10 best business card makers around!

The 10 best business card makers around!

The first impression that people have of your business can be through a business card. Therefore, it is a good idea to have elegant and attractive cards, to get your future customers’ interest.

If you are a business owner, our list with some of the best business card makers can be very useful. We were careful enough to include options for Android, iOS, and any of the best web browsers.

1. Canva

Starting off the list of the best business card makers, we have Canva, an excellent option full of useful features. It is a complete image editor, with a lot of handy functionalities, such as creating collages, putting text on images, and creating all kinds of interesting designs.

It offers several standard business card templates, as well as allowing you to create your own – learn here how to create business cards using Canva. It also has a large collection of images to use in your creations. Canva also makes it possible to upload images on your cell phone or computer.

Canva has versions to use in your favorite browser, Android smartphones, and iPhones or iPads. Follow the link to its official page!

Canva best business card makers

2. Business Card Maker

This is another of the best business card makers, with a self-explanatory name. Business Card Maker offers more than 1000 different templates for you to make your card in a simple and elegant way. More than 100 of the models are free.

To do this, simply fill out a section with the details of your profile and select which model you want. You can include links to social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, phone numbers, logos for professions, and much more. Follow the link to download it for Android.

3. Business Card Maker

Business Card Maker is another option for those who want to make their own business card, being completely free and offering numerous features. It has the same name as the previous one, but it’s another one entirely. You can create standard-type cards, horizontally or vertically, using its many options.

With Business Card Maker, you will find many different fonts, themes, backgrounds, stickers, and you can apply several filters, such as color, opacity, and 3D effects. It also allows the user to share their creation on social media. Download for Android through the link.

4. Business Card Maker by Desygner

Business Card Maker by Desygner is another alternative among the options you have for creating business cards and banners. Designing the cards is easy and free, with quick and affordable printing and shipping prices.

On the website, you can find and customize (completely free of charge), images, icons, and fonts to create your cards, all without a watermark. It also shows a history of previous versions, so you can restore an earlier version that you think is best. Download it on the App Store or on the Play Store!

Business Card Maker by Desygner

5. CamCard

CamCard does not offer the functionality to create business cards, but to scan them in a simple manner. It has the idea of ​​being not only an aggregator of all your business cards but allows users to scan their own cards to share in digital format.

It offers Bluetooth sharing with people nearby, email, contact list, and more. It allows you to use the address on the card to locate yourself on Google Maps and, in its free version, stores up to 200 cards. You can download CamCard, one of the best business card makers, on the Play Store or the App Store.

6. Logo Maker

With Logo Maker, you can create logos, icons, symbols, and posters for your company or your brand in just a few clicks. It offers many filters, more than 5000 fonts, special effects, and much more.

It has more than 1000 templates, more than 5000 graphic elements for the logos, and more than 300 backgrounds, in addition to allowing you to import your own logo. The app is free for the first 3 days, after which it is necessary to pay weekly or make an annual payment. Download it for iOS right now!

7. L-Card Pro

L-Card Pro is one of the most complete options among the applications for creating business cards. It has a large selection of standard templates, in addition to allowing you to create your own. It also allows the user to scan as many cards as they want.

It identifies 24 languages, offers instant card editing, card sharing via email, QR Code, or social media. In addition, you can use the map app to find the address of the scanned cards. Go to the official website to see more. You can also download it for Android or iOS and start creating your cards now.

L-Card Pro best business card makers

8. Switchit Digital Business Card

Switchit is another excellent option found in our list of the best business card makers. It focuses on simplicity and has many designs and templates ready for you to use. All you need to do is customize the contact details and logos.

Most tools are completely free. In it, you can add contacts, edit, share your card internationally, and customize the models offered with the colors of your company. Go to the official website or download it on the App Store or the Play Store.

9. Business Card Maker

With Business Card Maker you can create your business cards in minutes, customizing from premade templates or creating one from scratch. With the app, you can create business cards, party invitations, or marketing for your company.

There are many customizations offered, with fonts, graphics, and more. There is also a premium version, which gives you access to more templates, fonts, graphics, and options for cropping and resizing images. It is exclusive for Android; download by following this link.

10. Haystack

Haystack is the last on our list of the best business card makers. It focuses on creating digital cards for you and your team in a consistent style. With Haystack, you can define a style that everyone in your company should use, adding their details.

You can also see how often other users are visiting your cards. The app allows the user to scan any card they want, to always have access to them. Go to the official website or download it for Android or for iOS.

Haystack best business card makers

So what do you think of our list of business card makers?

Tell us in the comment section your opinion about the options we included! Don’t forget to tell us if you knew some or all of them and if you know a better option.

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